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Why I'm Running?


Brian Slowinski's father, Frank, was a Navy veteran of World War II, a warehouse worker, and a part-time carpenter. He

spent his weeks at the local meatpacking plant, Hormel, working any avaliable overtime, and on weekends he built houses for family and friends.


Brian Slowinski's mother, Violet, grew up on the family farm, where she helped with chores and younger siblings. She worked hard to raise Brian and his siblings while picking up extra work sewing, cooking and making crafts! His parents instilled in Brian the knowledge of goals and that he could do anything he worked hard for! 


Brian, grandson of immigrants, from the farming community of Austin, Minnesota, is the first in his family to go to college! He worked odd jobs while in college to pay his tuition. 


After college in Minnesota, Brian worked various jobs to make ends meet. From retail to sales, he worked his way to success thru perserverance and the "can do" spirit! He helped develop online shopping in the 1990's and then developed real estate. Moved to Augusta, Georgia in 2004, they currently live in White Plains in Middle Georgia!  

He is now a semi-retired "Mr. Mom"and "Mr. Fix It" helping to raise their eight children while his wife, Ines, works in the medical field.

I am running to do what’s best for my children, future generations and Keeping America’s Promise!

Brian Slowinski believes Government needs to be put in check before they write any more checks!

The Red and Blue Sides in the 

Washington Establishment have worked together to bankrupt this country thru corruption, high taxation and even higher spending every year!


We must Save Our Country!


We must stop Insanity!


No more Debt and Deficit Spending that is enslaving future generations of Americans!




As Senator, Brian Slowinski will work to bring Washington back to it's grassroots, the United States Constitution, and it's limits under Article One, Section 8!


Georgia families are better able to spend their money than government ever could! Much lower taxes and more takehome pay will boost every family's standard of living!


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