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Brian Slowinski will be a fierce advocate for the military, including their ability to recruit and grow their force, and their right to religious expression. Slowinski will work to ensure that members of the Armed Services have all the rights and abilities necessary to keep America free and secure.  Brian believes one of the core functions of our federal government lies in providing for our nation’s defense, as outlined by Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. He believes that only the Congress can declare war and that we should get away from military actions directed by the White House without the express authorization of Congress.


•Restore a Moral Compass to Washington D.C.

•Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment

•Repeal the Federal Income Tax

•Repeal,Defund Obamacare on the Federal Level and Nullify Obamacare on the State Level. Bring Health Insurance back to the States

•Reduce the Size, Scope and Spending of our Federal Government, Stop the Deficit and Debt Spending

•Always Defending Life and the Second Amendment

•Leading the Fight for the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution which limits the growth of the Federal Government under Article One, Section Eight

•Securing Our Nations Borders and encourage Ellis Island Legal Immigration

•Supports Energy Independence, Eliminating Foreign Dependency on Energy, and Develop Domestic Resources

•Supports Defending Property Rights, Privacy and Preserving Economic Liberty

•Protecting All Marriage

•Cut and Reduce Congress, Federal Departments, Federal Administrative Agencies and their burdensome regulations

•Supports Peace thru Strength with a very Lean Military ‘Second to None’, Reduce Bases

•Stop the Entitlement Mentality, teach self-sufficiency

•Stop Unfair Trade Agreements, let American Businesses compete fairly on the world stage

•Stop Supporting the fiat U.S. Dollar and End the FED! Support Wealth Money

•Send Home the “Washington Establishment” Big Government Incumbents

•End the Federal War On Drugs, let the states decide the issue

•Pardon Non-Violent offenders in Prisons

•Support Jury Nullification


Brian Slowinski will  play an instrumental role in the fight against government infringement of private property rights.


Whether eminent domain abuse, civil forfeiture or the proliferation of congressional mandates, Slowinski has worked to ensure that all Georgians' property is kept safe and secure!

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